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of PE/VC AuM
in Luxembourg.


19 of the 20 biggest
private equity firms
operate in Luxembourg


from 25 founders in 2010

Alpha Private Equity established its operations in Luxembourg in 2010. Since then, Alpha has developed its presence in Luxembourg thanks to the implementation of a regulated Alternative Investment Funds Manager (AIFM). The SICAR structure has proven very adapted to the previous vintage focused on pan European private equity transactions. The choice of Luxembourg as a center of its operations, through the AIFM, has been supported by the presence of very qualified local professionals and by the favorable environment for private equity.

Sébastien WianderRisk & Compliance Officer, Alpha Private Equity

“There is a vast pool of knowledge and experience relating to
funds and regulations in the financial sector in Luxembourg.”

Stefan HolmerManaging Director, EQT Management S.à r.l.

“Having moved to Luxembourg recently, after 15 years in London as a GP/LP, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ecosystem to actually operate in PE from here. And this is not just to domicile a PE fund… whether it is investor access, international travel connections or financial talent, Luxembourg is a very solid base.”

Rajaa MekouarPortfolio Manager and Head of PE of a Luxembourg-based entrepreneurial group

“Creating and financing a holding company in centrally located Luxembourg, from which to create many subs around the world, not only is part of the transformation process but it also allows us to have an edge upon an exit opportunity.”

Alexandre RheaManaging Partner, New Angle Capital

“The positive feedback we receive from our clients as to the ability of the Luxembourg PE industry to service multicultural managers, both experienced and also new to the Luxembourg regulatory regime, continues to be a major benefit to our business and one that we expect to build on in the years to come.”

Robert MundaySenior Portfolio Manager, BIL Manage Invest

“The interaction with the different administrative bodies allows us to have an added value
advisory role towards our portfolio companies as well as investors and Limited Partners.”

Eric LuxCEO of Genii Capital

“Our international investors appreciate the stable and reliable regulatory
and fiscal environment offered and sustained by Luxembourg authorities.”

Diana MeyelPartner, Cipio Partners GmbH

“When AIFMD was introduced and EQT decided to onshore its Funds, we clearly found that Luxembourg had a lot to offer. Since then we have been through exciting fundraisings in different strategies and are just preparing a 3rd launch of a true one-stop-shop solution in Luxembourg.”

Andrea Neuboeck-EscherManager at EQT Holdings/EQT Partners

“We at BlueOrchard recognize that Luxembourg not only offers a stable legal environment
but also highly professional service providers for Private Equity funds.”

Christian SchattenmannBlueOrchard Investments

“Luxembourg is all set to provide the instruments you need to set up international investment projects.
In addition the Government is keen to diversify the economy and open for exchange with GPs.”

Hans-Jürgen SchmitzMangrove Capital Partners

“The availability of many double tax treaties and the independence of Luxembourg are definitely strategic assets for us,
offering a flexible framework for most investment schemes right from the centre of the European Union.”

Eric LuxCEO of Genii Capital

“Luxembourg evolved as a preferred place of incorporation for many microfinance
investment vehicles over the past years and, more recently, impact investment funds.”

Christian SchattenmannBlueOrchard Investments

“Luxembourg not only offers a friendly and efficient workforce of highly educated
multilingual people but also a competitive, flexible and secure business environment”

Reinhard GorenflosKKR Partner, London