Capital V #6

The magazine of LPEA – 2H 2015


Paymill, Spotcat, Zencap…

Finance Minister Pierre GRAMEGNA:
“We believe in a level playing field”

The World of Luxembourg sparkling wines



In this 6th edition of Capital V we bring you the views of three entrepreneurs from a sector that is pointed out by many as the way forward to Luxembourg: Fintech.

Given the need for diversification the country faces, Fintech is seen by many end result of Luxembourg’s many useful features: very high-speed internet, secured data centres and a unique Financial sector’s know how.

Are we ready for the shift in mindset that this will imply? Will the more traditional practices welcome this new world? If we want to continue to be a leader in finance, the answer must
be “yes”.

LPEA is also changing! Along with the celebration of our 5th anniversary, we are rolling out a new logo that represents our positioning and Luxembourg’s PE/VC toolbox.

Enjoy the reading.