You will find here below laws and different documents of reference related to the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry.



Private Equity in Luxembourg 2014

Your guide to the private equity and venture capital industry in Luxembourg. Download here.


LPEA Brochure 2014



Limited Partnership in Luxembourg 2014

A comprehensive Q&A for all practitioners. Download here.


Partnership Agreement in Luxembourg



LPEA Annual Report 2013

"This year marks the Association's fifth Anniversary and I am proud to have the opportunity, with this letter, to revisit its past development, outline current projects and introduce you to the future plans of the Association..... Exciting developments are ahead of us and we are proud to share them with you. Thank you again for all your supportHans-Jürgen Schmitz, Chairman of LPEA


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Les commandites en droit luxembourgeois

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Les commandites en droit luxembourgeois


Industry Standards



Below are sites that we consider to be a valuable resource for those working in or close to the Venture Capital Industry:




Law of 10th August 1915 on commercial companies (in force as at 15th August 2011)

With selected notes and references to E.U Directive sources.


This document also contains an English translation of extracts of the law of 19th December 2002 on the register of commerce and companies and the accounting and annual accounts of undertakings and of the law of 24th May 2011 on the exercise of certain rights of shareholders in general meetings of listed companies.

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Law of 15 June 2004 relating to the investment company in risk capital ("SCAR").

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Law of 13 February 2007 on Specialised Investment Funds.

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European Commission - Alternative Investments

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