The LPEA is Luxembourg’s first association exclusively focused on your industry.

Membership of the LPEA gives you access to the intelligence, resources and services your company needs to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges that are driving your business. Check detailed advantages.

Join LPEA and you will be part of the largest Luxembourg network in the private equity and venture capital industry.


The LPEA, similar to other national Private Equity associations and compliant with the rules and recommendations by the EVCA, will have the following types of memberships:

a. Full Membership

The Full Member status will be open exclusively to organizations or persons:

  • whose substantial activity consist in the management of equity or quasi-equity financing in privately held enterprises with significant growth potential
  • whose main objective is long term capital gains
  • who provide active management support to investees

This category includes namely any type of management company (General Partner) of a private equity or venture capital fund.

Full Member status is also open to organizations that directly invest in private equity and venture capital funds as Limited Partners or invest in the asset class through intermediaries like Fund of Funds. This includes, but is not limited to, pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, endowments and corporate investors.

It finally includes organizations that act as intermediaries, for example Fund of Funds and Secondary private equity funds, whose funds are structured on a General Partner/Limited Partner basis.

Full members (or their representatives) shall:

  • carry a voting right at general assemblies
  • be eligible to the Association’s Board of Directors.
b. Associate Members

The Associate Member status will be open to organizations or persons:

  • who provide ancillary services to the private equity and venture capital industry
  • who represent special interest groups that can influence the development of private equity and venture capital;

Persons eligible to become associate members include – without limitation – auditors, lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, banks, development organizations and associations etc.

Associate members (or their representatives) shall:

  • have the right to assist at general assemblies with no voting right
  • be eligible to the Association’s Board of Directors.
c. Founding Member status

Members (Full or Associate Members) that have been invited and committed to be founding members of the LPEA (a “Charter Member”) and for as long as he/they remain of Charter Member, shall:

  • carry a voting right at the Association’s general assembly
  • be invited to be part of the Association’s initial Board of Directors
  • have an observer right to assist at any meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors.

Members can be invited to be Charter members at any time during the life of the Association.