Members’ advantages

Membership of the LPEA gives you access to:

        • A community of PE-minded professionals
        • Direct contact to a large network of Luxembourg-based professionals
        • Influencing policy making affecting our industry (national and European level)
        • LPEA’s technical committees and special ad hoc working groups
        • GPs’ exclusive events (restricted to Full Members)
        • LPEA’s promotional initiatives abroad as a delegate or as a speaker
        • Attending national and international events with discounted rates
        • Sharing your latest achievements and news in LPEA’s magazine, website and newsletter (subject to editorial validation)
        • Other specific advantages (see below)

In addition to the advantages inherent to the activity of LPEA as a trade association, we provide our members with access to the following exclusive opportunities.

To learn more about these offers visit the Members’ intranet or request further information to

Palico is a private equity fund marketplace bringing together LPs and GPs.

LPEA members benefit of:

  • Free 6-month “Premium” membership to LP members
  • 30% discount for GPs and Service Providers*

* Valid for any of the Premium memberships or credit packs.