Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association a.s.b. l. (“LPEA”) may process personal data about you when you visit this website. Such personal data may include in particular your name, surname and e-mail address (if you subscribe to the newsletter), your password and user name (if you login to the restricted part of the website), your IP address (when you visit the website) and/or your personal and / or professional contact details (if you fill out the LPEA membership questionnaire online or submit a request via a form or email). 


Your personal data may be processed for the purpose of administrating LPEA’s membership list, LPEA’s technical committee’s members list and LPEA’s newsletter subscribers’ list in LPEA’s data base, and for statistical purposes in LPEA’s visitors’ and statistical files. 


Your personal data will be kept confidential within LPEA, and LPEA will not share your personal data or sell it to third parties.  However, LPEA may transfer your personal data to an IT processors, located in LPEA IT service providers’countries, such as France, or elsewhere for storage purposes. LPEA will act as a controller of your personal data in conformity with the Luxembourg Personal Data Protection legislation.


You are entitled to access your processed personal data, to request its correction, usage for marketing purpose, or deletion by submitting an e-mail.

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